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The Lesson Everyone Can Learn from Scotland's Oil Independence

A new discovery of rich, bountiful oil supplies off the coast of Scotland hold the promise of fuel supplies capable of lasting until at least 2050. 15-24 billion barrels - £1 trillion net worth - 90% of the tax revenue...  when you sldo include the true effects of the exhaustion of the global supply of oil may be felt by motorists around the world as soon as 2030, it becomes clear just how supremely important this discovery may be.

Hypnotherapy to Relieve Pain Keeping You From Doing Your Work

Have you ever considered hypnotherapy to relieve the recurrent pain that is costing you sick days and shrinking your bank account? A lot of people who have been disappointed by what mainstream healthcare has to treat pain eventually come around to asking the same question. Does hypnotherapy really do anything to relieve pain? And if so, is that relief enough to get me back to working every day?  

Five Essential Interview Approaches to Landing Your Dream Job

Want to land the job of your dreams? Better learn how to answer interview questions correctly.
Occupations with Disappointing Outlook for the Near-Future

Which occupations do you want to avoid to ensure long-term employment over the next few decades?
Hank Hill's Key to Business Success

Valuable lessons in dealing with life in the world of American capitalism that every jobseeker needs to know.

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