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Several of my articles have brought me a little dose of fame. Oh, not the level of fame of a Brad Pitt or a Mason Reese, mind you, but fame of the proportion of that guy who did that thing that one time. You know who I'm talking about.

An article that argues that the Star Wars prequel trilogy is superior to the original trilogy is my most-viewed article by far. More than a million page views and thousands of comments left by readers indicate that this is more an article bringing me infamy than fame.

Why the Star Wars Prequels are Better Than the Original Trilogy

Stefan Kanfer wrote a little biography of Marlon Brando and toward the back of the book he quotes an entire paragraph from an article I wrote about a little piece of Cheney known as On the Waterfront. Here is a link to the article in question.

On the Waterfront is a Piece of Propagandistic Sludge that Should Be Avoided at All Costs

 Speaking of Cheney, an article I wrote about Dick's attempt to dismantle part of the National Archives in a pathetic attempt to save his criminal activities from being made public was chosen by the Dean of Law at Vanderbilt University for inclusion in a law school packet taught at that Tennessee institution of higher learning.  Here is a link to that article.

Dick Cheney Tries to Abolish the National Archives in Order to Save His Own Hairy Yellow Butt

But wait, Dick Cheney also made me infamous for being one of the few people that Ward Harkavy, writer of the Bush Beat for the Village Voice, actually intimated was TOO HARSH on Cheney. Harkavy said that my article that questioned why Dick had sex with Lynne almost exactly nine months to the date after LBJ said married men without kids would become eligible to drafted to fight in Vietnam was unfair. See for yourself.

 Did Dick Cheney Have Sex with His Wife One Night in October of 1965 Simply to Get Out of Vietnam?

This article was featured on IMDB's home page and was on the front page of for several weeks. I considered it to be just a humble little opinion piece, but it turned out to be one of my most popular and controversial articles ever. The level of venom spewed in the comments section says a lot about how seriously some people take their opinions that have been informed by public inculcation of which they are mostly unaware. 

 A Brief Overview of Some of the Most Overrated Movies of All Time